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Anyone who wishes to improve the air quality in their home or business would benefit from NU Air Probiotic Systems. Its chemical-free approach has the ability to totally eradicate unwanted scents while also reducing the number of allergens in your house.


Premium Solar Patios is a distributor of a unique solar product for residential customers. We aim to provide a solution that allows American homeowners to go green who otherwise couldn't. 

Heating and cooling account for almost half of your home’s energy costs. Your attic is a MAJOR PART OF THE PROBLEM- it builds up heat in the summer and holds in moisture during the winter.

You most likely already have insulation, but it may not be as well-protected as it could be. Traditional insulation can’t block all the heat that’s entering your home. That’s why you need ARCTIC Blanket Multi-Layered Insulation.

ARCTIC Blu is a synthetic Polarized Refrigerant Oil Additive (PROA) that produces a thin boundary barrier on metal elements of cooling systems, lubricating them while preventing them from the sort of friction that causes wear and decreases performance.

Image by Ann Wallace

ARCTIC Paint thermal insulating paint is designed to reflect heat rather than simply be, giving it the ability to change the temperature in your house by up to 16°.

What Our Clients Say

Solar Panels

Mary, Abilene, Texas

"After they installed the ARCTIC Blanket and the ARCTIC Breeze, by the next day I could feel a big difference. Matter of fact, it was huge! My over all experience has been wonderful"


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